Sherri Andrews

Sherri Andrews is a fast-rising, award-wining artist, a local philanthropist and community leader, and a well-regarded hedge fund manager. Yet it is her success as a mixed media artist that has been most stunning to her. In less than six years, Sherri has sold more than 100 paintings, curated a highly successful solo exhibition and received recognition, including the prestigious Ben Whitmore Purchase Award from the Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie.

As a self-taught artist, Sherri is best known for her bold landscapes, colorful flowers, graceful dancers and abstract images, which she creates using a mix of alcohol inks, acrylics and collage. The vivid colors and spontaneity of her paintings convey energy and joy. She is passionately committed to sharing her vision—and her talents—in a way that inspires personal growth in others and helps to support causes that are important to her. She has donated a number of pieces of artwork to support local arts organizations and local charities, including the Arts Council of Princeton, the West Windsor Arts Council and Homefront.

As a finance professional with a Harvard MBA, Sherri draws upon her artistic instincts to bring creative problem-solving to her work. While it may seem that these two worlds are far apart, each reward “out of the box” thinking, attention to detail and bold, contrarian approaches. Painting also serves as a meditation and a source of positive, restorative energy for Sherri.

In addition to being honored by the Ellarslie at Trenton City Museum in May 2018 as Emerging Artist of the year, Sherri’s painting called Abstract Poppies was purchased for the museum’s permanent collection. Her work has been displayed at juried venues, including the Ellarslie Open 35 and 36, D&R Greenway Art’s Feather and Flight and West Windsor Arts Center’s Abstraction and Fiction Members’ Exhibits. Sherri has participated in juried art fairs and exhibited her work at Third Street Gallery’s “Embodiment: Figure in Art” in Philadelphia. She has taught workshops at the Arts Council of Princeton and for an award ceremony event hosted by the New Jersey State Council of the Arts. Her work has been sold at Visual Stream and Wondrous on Witherspoon galleries. Sherri was honored to have her first solo show at the Plainsboro Library in August 2019.

Sherri resides in Plainsboro, New Jersey, with her husband and 19-year-old son, also an artist.

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