Robert Hoke

I was born in Dayton, Ohio. I am 73 years old. My family moved to Chateauroux, France when I was 12 and we returned when I was 21. I have spent extended time or lived in many regions and cities in the US. I currently live in Hannibal Missouri.

I am an itinerant bohemian dumpster diving artist. I have made some type of art all my life! I paint on recycled/re purposed surfaces (wood, metal, tar paper etc.) that I find at construction sites, tear downs and random dumpsters.

I have exhibited my art in many venues: Alt Art Fest, Saint Louis. MO, Slotin Folk Fest, Atlanta GA, HooDoo Fest, Atlanta GA, House of Blues Folk Art Fest, Orlando FL, Kentuck Festival of the Arts, Tuscaloosa AL, Outsiders Outside, Harbert, MI, Day in the Country, Kentucky Folk Art Center, Morehead KY, Good Folkfest, Louisville KY.

I paint approximately 300 to 350 paintings per year.

I usually paint 6 to 9 paintings per week, all at the same time so I don’t have to stare at a painting wondering what is next. I tend to compose on the spot reacting to each spontaneous moment from painting to painting. Each painting produces its individual feeling. I know I am going someplace but I’m now sure where. In my paintings color is the key. Color is the self-induced puzzle!

Sometimes I solve the puzzle.