Nashea Flowers

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Nashea started her program at HomeFront in July 2017 and quickly took to ArtSpace after her arrival.

Nashea first tried ArtSpace as an escape from the busy setting of HomeFront.  She describes ArtSpace as a chance “to have some peace of mind.”  ArtSpace proved to be a type of sanctuary to her, where she feels free and relaxed.

Nashea has been creating art for most of her life.  She began sketching as a child, and in the years since she joined ArtSpace she has broadened her art interests to painting as well.

When asked why she creates art, Nashea smiled and stated, “It’s freeing, I love it.  It’s just part of me.”

Nashea believes ArtSpace is an extremely important part of HomeFront.  “It’s great for the people who live here.  It really helps to block out everything else going on.  It provides a sanctuary for those who live here.”