Michelle Harding

Michelle Elise Harding is an award-winning cinematographer, film editor, producer, and director. Born and raised in New Jersey, Harding fell in love with the film and television industries at an early age. She has an array of work, spanning from narrative filmmaking (short and feature), performance videos, music videos, commercials, live sports, and live broadcasting/television. Prior to moving to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2016, Harding was the director of photography, executive producer, and film editor on award-winning short film, “Spark.” She has continued to pursue filmmaking by creating short films “Among the Stars” and her latest film “The Farmhand” in South Carolina, as well as working on several others. Collaboration is key for Harding. The possibilities are endless through the power of community, which is why Harding founded the Myrtle Beach Film Community and co-founded MESH Films, LLC with her mother, Shari Harding. Harding has since re-located back to the tri-state area, where she plans to continue working with others that have the same drive for creating and bringing words to life through film. Cinematography, editing, and producing are Harding’s true passions, and she is grateful to be able to implement them every day in her work.