Megan Slater

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Megan has many talents and so has done many things in her life.  However, her favorite work is being an artist.

In the past Megan has gone to Art school, worked in a restaurant; run a thrift store and a health food store; worked as a pharmacy technician, a Mental Health Technician, and a florist; and created and sold jewelry.

Megan says frankly that it has taken failing to learn how to live her life successfully.  After her son Oscar was born, Megan was referred to HomeFront ArtSpace, which has become a refuge.  Now she works productively as an artist, selling her paintings and the home décor she creates through repurposing and upcycling donated items.

Megan considers ArtSpace a refuge, a place to share her artistic talents and life experiences.  She believes she is meant to be here making use of the opportunities and the sense of family support that ArtSpace provides.  “You have to find a job you’d do for free,” Megan says, and she has found that job and her life at HomeFront’s ArtSpace.

“I like to feel good all the time, and ArtSpace makes me feel good.”