Lee Leonard

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Lee Leonard is an Abstract / Visual Artist born and raised in New York. Lee’s love of art began as a child ; influenced by her Aunt who is also an artist. Lee would lay on her Aunts living room floor in Greenwich Village and play with glow in the dark markers and news print for hours.
Her love and connection to art flourished into her adulthood.
You can see in her paintings she’s an emotional painter with bold brush strokes and color.
When she was asked what her paintings mean to her, she stated,
“It’s a feeling, an emotion that comes from inside that evolves onto a canvas. Each piece means something to me. I don’t go into it with any preconceived ideas. Each piece is an event that was or is personal in my life. I try not to share those thoughts in hopes that the viewer can interpret what it evokes in themselves.”

Lee’s work has been sold to collectors in Singapore, Europe and throughout the United States.
She has been a featured artist for Saatchi Art in 2 of their global publications.
Lee’s work “Keeper Of My Light” has been selected to be in Fine Art Artist’s Magazine which will be published in 2020.