Kim Lennon

Kim is a consummate artist. Ever since childhood, when she began drawing, she has been involved in creating art. She credits the women of her church who taught her housekeeping skills at 8 and 9 years old for also giving her hand sewing, cross stitch, knitting, and crocheting lessons and experience as additional ways to create.

Kim prefers to motivate and challenge herself and choose her medium rather than having deadlines or being forced to create art. As well as sewing and crocheting, some of Kim’s artistic activities include: writing poetry; working with pastels, crayons, and water color markers; shooting and digitally editing photographs; writing song lyrics; drawing with pen and ink; sculpting rock, wood, and clay; silk screening; making frames; etching wood; and painting with acrylics.

ArtSpace provides Kim with a cozy environment to create where she isn’t easily distracted. Although she sells her work, the act of creativity itself— transforming emotions, experiences, and thoughts into art—gives her the most pleasure.