Jennifer Matias

ArtSpace has given Jennifer a place where she has time for herself, to think and create art.   Working with the many donated art supplies has enabled Jennifer to create paintings that she can sell at ArtSpace events.

Jennifer learned about HomeFront when she was staying Womenspace with her two sons.   While walking around the HomeFront family campus, she noticed the art work in the halls as well as in a big sunny room.   Seeing other HomeFront clients in the room painting, she was soon one of them, painting for fun.  Recognized as someone with talent, she began receiving mentoring from ArtSpace director Ruthann Traylor.

Jennifer was a talented artist in high school, so creating art wasn’t new to her.  Having the time, patience, and opportunity to work on her art has been a new gift, however. In ArtSpace she can hone her skills while working with other artists as well as by herself, thinking and transforming thoughts and emotions into art.