Jeannine Rothenberg

Jeannine Rothenberg is a New York native who was drawn to the artistic process at an early age. After studying at NYU, she combined her artistic talents and design aesthetic working for the Wallpaper magazine in New York. She migrated to San Francisco working in advertising while taking art classes at the San Francisco Art Institute. She is a naturally talented mixed media abstract artist.

My work takes place like daydreaming. The process is one of exploration and also trying to hold onto some context. I paint in a language of minimalist shapes, symbols, swirls, and color – sometimes vibrant other times monochrome. Elements of religion, politics, environment, family and community are core contributors. I’m attracted to the non-referential quality of abstraction – it is the ultimate artistic freedom, whereby part of my soul can speak, and where I find myself. I allow my process to be my equal partner, and trust where it takes me. My work is an exploration shining a light on the pain, joy, love, and sadness of our times.

I reach for acrylics, oils, pastels, pencils and use my fingers, brushes, printing tools, spatulas, scrappers and palette knives. I am constantly exploring ways to grow and push technically, but give me a can of paint and I’m free.

Instagram: @jeanninerothenberg
Phone: 732.737.5988