Helene Mazur

Energized by fresh air and the ever-changing kaleidoscope of color and light in the everyday, I have fallen for the total immersion and intense pleasure of trying to capture the essence of place. I come alive when I look at the landscape around me. I am equally attracted to architecture, the pedals of a flower, or a wave in the ocean. When the lighting is right and the shapes of buildings, roads, or people juxtapose into a compelling design I get inspired.

Despite no formal art schooling I have integrated a daily practice of art into each day. Whether experimenting with paints, pastels, or mixed media; visiting museums, attending art shows, sketching, taking photos, or participating in workshops, I can’t get enough.

In my career as a business coach and strategic planning facilitator I help others combine the art of possibility with the discipline of focused action. The process involves envisioning the future, building on ideas and values, strengthening resolve, and working though obstacles along the way; similar to the process of creating art. I thrive on the opportunity to apply left and right brain activities in pursuit of a great result. Art provides me with an abundant source of inspiration and renewal, enabling me to more fully support others. The magic of the outside, the gift of seeing the world, the challenge of being able to create and share a perspective, and the myriad of talented, interesting people I keep meeting along the way are the spark that keeps me growing.