Creassya King

Creassya drew as a child, but she had never picked up a paintbrush until she came to ArtSpace with her own children.   She thought the artwork she saw on the walls there had been done by professionals, but then she realized that women like her living at HomeFront had produced it.  Encouraged by Miss Ruthann, she began painting, took classes in technique, improved, discovered her own style, and fell in love with creating art.

Creassya, her husband, and her five children came to HomeFront in 2017 after being evicted.   Four months later they were in a new home, but ArtSpace continues to play a significant role in Creassya’s life.  Creating art takes her mind off of everything around her and allows her to put her emotions and experiences on canvas.   She now considers herself an artist and runs a small business selling her art, something she never dreamed she could do.

Creassya feels eternally grateful to HomeFront and ArtSpace for the gifts it has provided her and her family, among them self-sufficiency, a network of support, and the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.   She hopes someday to be the one giving back by helping others with her time and money.